Medford Lawn Service

Medford lawn service provided by Oakshade Nursery will give you access to best in South Jersey landscape engineers. They are the leading commercial lawn service in Medford.

When you get Medford lawn service from Oakshade Nursery as part of your South Jersey landscape project, you are in excellent hands.  No other commercial lawn service in Medford can match either the efficiency or economy of our work.

Our Medford Lawn Service keeps your yard looking great

The Medford lawn service professionals at Oakshade Nursery have been on the job since 1982. As the best commercial lawn service in Medford, you can count on us for a South Jersey landscape experience of a lifetime.

At Oakshade Nursery we care about helping you property look its best.  The lawn is the centerpiece of any great property and the first thing you see as you pull the driveway.  Keeping your lawn green can be a daunting task without the right products.  We carry the full line of Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizers and Problem Solvers to help you keep you grass looking like a golf course all season long.

Here in Southern New Jersey we have very acidic soil. Its good to spread lime twice a year, once in the beginning of the season and again in mid fall.

The best product to use is a new product from Jonathan Green. MIR-A-CAL is an enhanced pelletized water soluble calcium, will rapidly raise soil pH providing a better growing environment for the desirable grasses in your lawn. These grasses like neutral soil, while weeds do much better in acidic soils.

Both the broad leaf weeds such as dandelion and menacing weeds such as crabgrass are easier to eliminate if your lawn has a pH of 6.0 or higher. MIR-A-CAL is the equivalent to ten bags of pelletized limestone! This means that you can now substantially improve your lawns pH, at a lower cost, than in the past and you won’t have to lug home a lot of bags to do so.

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